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Past Events


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Providing mentorship opportunities to young women who are considering STEM careers through exposure, engagement and inspiration within STEM


Region 4 Novice Teacher Collaborative (R4NTC)

R4NTC is a network of selected science and math teachers with less than five years of teaching whose aim is to contribute to the success of novice teachers. The collaborative meets once a month, and the interactive sessions help support and reflect on their career and classroom. This group of teachers also facilitated some of our summer camps which gave them opportunities to teach beyond their given curriculum.  

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Teacher Professional Development and Trainings

Teacher PDs and trainings aim to enhance educators' skills, knowledge, and instructional practices. Through a combination of workshops, seminars, and immersive experiences, led by expert facilitators, we offer dynamic learning opportunities, creativity, and continuous improvement for teachers. 

STEMulating Summer 3.0 

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The STEMulating Summer 3.0 was comprised of the Acadiana STEM Fest, held in May, 2023 and a series of seven (7) camps held in June and July. This summer's camps included STEM Olympics, Environmental Deep Dive 2, and the NASA Astro camp, among others. A total of approximately 4,000 K-12 students were impacted throughout the region

Science and Engineering Fair 

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The Region VI Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair is an annual event that offers students the opportunity to experience the practices of science and engineering for themselves.  Students perform research and then present their experiment in a display format. Projects showcased at the regional level have  placed at the school and district level

STEMulating Summer 2.0

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STEMulating Summer Initiative 2.0 involved six weeks of outreach activities involving K-12 students. The work included developing the first ever Acadiana STEM Fest in collaboration with a global leader in STEM education outreach. That single event attracted 600 students from five school districts in our Region.

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