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Upcoming Events

STEMulating Summer 4.0 | 2024

The STEMulating Summer 4.0 will comprise of the STEM Extravaganza, slated to hold in May, 2024 and a series of camps to be held between June and July. To register for each camp click the link below.

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Science Fair | 2024

The Region VI Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair aims to foster STEM activities amongst students. Middle grade students are called upon to come up with a STEM project after which successful project will be exhibited at the Award Ceremony.

It is organized by a partnership between the College of Education & Human Development's Center for Excellence in Education and its Region 4 STEM Network Center. 

Time: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm

Date: Saturday,February 24, 2024day, February 24, 2024

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STEM Extravaganza

The Region 4 STEM Network Center is calling on all STEM teachers to showcase your favorite engaging activity at the STEM Extravaganza in May 2024. An ideal activity should engage middle and high school students, lasting 3-10 minutes, and should also be easily repeatable.

This event offers a unique opportunity for teachers to share their passion for STEM. Think of it as a daytime version of "science night" with exponentially more engagement.


Date: May, 2024

Location: University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Engineering Week

The Annual Engineering week expo is organized during the Spring Semester of each academic year to celebrate the important role of engineering and technology in meeting the present and future needs of society.

The EXPO highlights the different professions there are in engineering and technology in order to spark interest among High school students with passion in pursuing careers in those fields.

Date: March 18-22, 2024

Location:University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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