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Environmental Deep Dive Camp

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Divided into four different sections, the camp helped connect current middle school students to concepts in underwater robotics, climate change, coastal ecology, and virtual reality.

Seaperch underwater ROV: In this section, the students were given the task of building a robot that can perform some underwater operations. They also learned basic safety procedures and engineering operations like drilling, soldering and assembling.

Virtual Reality: In this section, students took a tour around the camp to create VR simulation using EON-XR. Then they researched on various species of plants and animals to add to their virtual worlds so they could show their peers different parts of the swamp on campus.

Climate Change: Students were divided into Climate Action Teams (CAT)s and each group watched a video that explains the connection between Climate and extreme weather events. Then, each CAT was assigned a “deep dive” into a specific topic- flood, drought and sea-level rise.

Coastal Ecology: We explored different erosion factors affecting our coastline with focus on the Caminada headlands. The students used an interactive field trip kit to simulate different types of erosions and learned ways to prevent them.

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